Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sterlen Roberts New Single "My Girl"

For the love of hip-hop, for the love of music. In a landscape that's
become stark and with manythirsting for an epiphany in the realm of
sound there are few who can truly match what musicalartist Sterlen Roberts has accomplished duringhis budding career. With his new single "She Works"gaining nationwide attention, the rapper-producer-
musicianextraordinaire wastes no time explaining what he feelsis at the core of his hunger to produce, spit lyricallyand literally breathe music. "When you come from where I come from andwhen you feel the way I do about music, it's as if there has neverbeen any other choice but to do everything in my power, spend everywaking moment, pursuing my destiny." The son of a Grammy nominatedgospelwriter/
producer, Sterlen taught himself how to play the keys anddrums, master the MPC, seduce the Motif. With the love of musicrunning through his veins he systematically tackled instrumentswithout an instructor and without a guidebook. He taught himself inthe vacuum he created,the world where he as a producer dictates what soundsmake it to the final cut.

Sterl - so called by his friends - has not been solelyconcentrating on his own craft, he has diligently soughtout other artists in his field knowing that to do so wouldonly expand his knowledge base and experience. Keyshia Cole,Flo-Rida, Latoya London and Flava Flav, are just some ofthe many industry heavy hitters that Sterlen has collaboratedwith. In addition to performers Sterl studied extensively underDevante Swing of Jodeci fame in the same environment thatnurtured the likes of Missy Elliot and Timbaland, fine companyfor an aspiring, multi-talented artist like Sterl. All of the hard work paidoff and is reflected by the quality of the beats he produces, mixingclassical piano with hard hitting timps and drums - not to mentionthat the crowd is equally impressed to find this rapper not only knowshow to rock a crowd but can enlighten them with solo pianoperformances as well, making him one of the only artists to rap andplay the piano livein concert.

Born in the city of Oakland, CA, Sterlen Roberts grew up in a Pentecostal household where church played an important role.This is evident in the strains of gospel that erupt in theproduction he creates, staying true to his roots. While stillin high school Sterlen dedicated himself to the 8x12 roomwhere he honed his prowess as an intellectual entrepreneur,not just an artist who has others create for him. It was this
kind of dedication that led MTL Records to sign Sterlen andcreate the vehicle to launch him to stardom. "I have neverseen an artist like Sterlen, he is so talented, its almostas if he can do anything, he can perform, dance, rap, produce,write, he can even layout his own CD cover, he is that creativeand gifted. There is no doubt in my mind that with our teamand his talent, MTL records and Sterlen Roberts will be a forceto be reckoned with", says Todd DiMartino, CEO of MTL Records.

Sterlen Roberts is now on the cusp of his breakout album self-entitled
"Eulogy of Sterlen Roberts" which is already gaining a buzz withunderground DJ's and radio stations across the nation. His newsingle "She Works" is in heavy rotation and with his new albumdropping, Sterlen knows he is on the verge of the rest of hislife. "I always knew this day would come, I just didn't knowwhen. I really feel that nothing can stop me", says Sterl ofhis impending success. There is no doubt that this is the beginningof one of the brightest careers to erupt on the music scene inyears and Sterlen Roberts is ready for the challenge. "All Ineed is my chance to shine, give me that and I'm golden."

- Sterlen Roberts -

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